Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

The Rainforest Fire Channel

This Holiday, there’s one fire we should all be watching closely. Stream the Amazon Rainforest burning to remind us all what’s really important this Christmas.

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In August, everyone was talking about the Amazon fires. Since then, it’s fallen off the radar. But the problem has not gone away. Every second you read this, we lose an acre and a half of our rainforest. Please share the #RainforestFireChannel and feel free to donate to the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy.

Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy was founded in 2014. We work to purchase and secure land in the Amazon for protection and conservation. With your help, we can continue to save valuable land from illegal deforestation practices. For the price of your Christmas tree, you could save half an acre of rainforest. Learn more about what we do here. Or if you want to give a Christmas gift to the Amazon, you can donate here.